Why I Won’t Miss the Missing Link.

The "missing link" is one of the most pervasive ideas in the popular understanding of evolution. I hate it, I'm not alone in hating it, and here's why.


The Unexpected Adventure of Mr. Goaty Goat

Content Warning!      The following contains graphic description and images depicting butchering and hide work.     It's early 2013. Not super early 2013, but definitely at least the first half. Honestly it could even be the second half of 2012. You see, goats care not for things like years. Today started like most days. … Continue reading The Unexpected Adventure of Mr. Goaty Goat

Aliens and Racists and Corn Dogs, oh my!

I love suspending my attachment to established science for the sake of watching a 17 part series of 2 hour episodes of searching a 10,000 year old lake for a creature that's been extinct for 65 million years as much as anyone. I also have light sabers tattooed to my chest. It doesn't mean I believe in Star Wars being real, as painful as it is to say that.

Evolution’s Place in Anthropology

Anthropology is the study of humans.  It's the study of our cultural diversity and developments. Our similarities and differences. It's the study of our history--hopefully without some of the drawbacks of nationalism that History is criticized for. It's the study of our shared heritage. And that includes or place in the Animal Kingdom. So in order to understand the biological aspects of the field of anthropology, we need to have a basic understanding of evolution.